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The British School in Colombo
The British School in Colombo

Pastoral Care

All members of staff are involved in the pastoral system and in the academic and personal nurturing of the students in our care both inside and outside the classroom.

Whilst there is a distinct structure to the Pastoral Team, we remember at the forefront of every teachers role is a pastoral responsibility for the young people in our care.  Pastoral care is essential to the work of the British School in Colombo.

Our Pastoral Team

Our Pastoral system is overseen by the Deputy Head (Pastoral). The Team structure is simple and effective. It starts with a Tutor who sees the students daily, and is the first point of contact for all aspects of a student’s academic or personal well-being.

Head of Year

Each year group has a dedicated Head of Year who oversees the pastoral support system Each Head of Key Stage coordinates their team of Tutors and reports directly to the Deputy Head (Pastoral). Each Head of Year oversees the Pastoral Curriculums, safety and welfare of all the students within the year group.

Medical Centre

The School has a fully staffed and well equipped medical centre led by a fully qualified medical Doctor, assisted by a team of three Nurses. Our medical team attend to the health needs of our students and staff and provides guidance on all medical matters to the school community.


House System

The House system in the Senior School ensures that all pupils work with their colleagues in other year groups as Houses comprise students from all year groups from Year 7 to 13. There are four Houses in the Senior School: Nobel House, Newton House, Scott House and Shakespeare House.

All students are assigned a House upon entry to the Senior School and we ensure that siblings are members of the same House. All teaching staff are also assigned to a House so that all academic departments are represented in each House. Houses are led by a Teacher-in-Charge and importantly by a House Captain and a Deputy House Captain who are elected from the student body in recognition of outstanding service to their House as well as proven ability to lead and motivate their peers.

The House system is fundamental is nurturing the family atmosphere of the school community, allowing close working relationships to be made across the year groups. Likewise, the range of competitions undertaken, allows students to participate in a range of activities, to try something new or to further develop existing skills as a complement to their academic endeavours.

This is encouraged through a broad spectrum of inter-House events including sporting, artistic, dramatic, musical and academic competitions. Competitions include:  basketball, athletics and swimming; drama and music; to more academic endeavours such as debating and subject specific quizzes. In the House system, points are awarded for both participation and success to encourage the widest possible levels of involvement whilst ensuring that high standards of performance are maintained.

Support for New Students

For any student, irrespective of their age, we believe that the main aim of our programme at their point of joining us must ensure that they feel welcome and supported to and can immediately take advantage of what the British School in Colombo has to offer.

As an established international school, we understand that students may join us at any time during the academic year and at any stage of their personal academic journey. It is vital that our programme of support for new students facilitates a secure, supportive period of transition to equip each student with what is needed to settle into a positive and productive school routine.

Every new student is assigned a ‘buddy’ Assigned from their Tutor Group to guide them on the basics of everyday school life BSC until it becomes second nature.

Feedback on the student’s induction is given to parents by the Form Tutor and Head of Key Stage. The Form Tutor plays a vital role in ensuring a successful start, and being in regular contact with them provides the peace of mind and reassurance that parents need – we absolutely encourage this.


All External and Internal Examinations are overseen by the Deputy Head (Academic). The administration of the IGCSE and A Level Examinations is carried out by the school’s Examinations Officer. The British School in Colombo is a certified examination centre for Cambridge International Examinations and offers examinations at IGCSE and A Level. 

Examinations can be stressful for students and at the British School we provide our students with as much support as they need to prepare themselves. Constant pastoral support is available from each student’s Form Tutors who provide individual advice and guidance to each of their tutees throughout the academic year. Dedicated study skills and revision strategies workshops and seminars are held as part of both the PSHE and assembly programmes and are tailored to suit the needs of particular Key Stages or Year Groups. Every student’s subject teacher is available to offer academic support and advice in their subject specialism and to provide subject-specific examinations advice.

Careers Education

Careers education begins at Year 7 and continues throughout the Senior School as part of the PSHE programme in Years 7-9, and begins to become a more prominent focus in Key Stages 4 and 5.

One-to-one interviews and ‘Next Step’ guidance programmes are a feature at all key transition points throughout the Senior School, when making IGCSE Options choices and choices for A Level for example. The school makes extensive use of BridgeU to support the careers education process. When pupils move into the Sixth Form, the Higher Education and International Universities Applications Programme becomes the main focus of our careers education. Significant time is dedicated to each pupil to provide personal attention to each student to ensure they secure university entrance.