The British School in Colombo
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The British School in Colombo
The British School in Colombo


BSC’s examination results are at an all-time high, with successive cohorts of students excelling in comparison to the world’s other leading British international schools. Our aim is for all students to make excellent progress in their learning, exceeding the challenging target grades we set for them, and for our school results to continue to rival the world’s leading schools.

Our evidence-based approach to teaching and learning, coupled with an emphasis on teachers’ professional development, ensures that British School students are successfully challenged to achieve the highest standards. Within a non-selective intake, in 2023, 95% of IGCSEs were graded A*-C, and 57% were graded A*-A.

At the same time as supporting our highest achieving students to obtain excellent results, BSC provides comprehensive support for those pupils who find some aspects of their learning more difficult. We are as proud of these students’ successes as we are of those of our students who achieve eight or more A*s at IGCSE, and those who go on to study at Ivy League and Russell Group universities.

The curriculum at the British School in Colombo is carefully designed to enable students to experience the very best education. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils, coherently planned and progressively sequenced. The curriculum is planned to ensure that all BSC students achieve their potential, and leave school with the values, attitudes, and attributes which will serve them well in later life.

For more information about what is studied in each year group, please see the links below.

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